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Whatever your pet care needs, we’ve got you covered! We absolutely adore working with puppies, kittens, and senior pets. We’ve even been known to “horse” around and play with goats.

While researching, I typed “why do dogs need walks” into Google. The third article in my search results was a Vetstreet blog post from 2015 entitled “Am I a Bad Pet Owner If I Don’t Walk My Dog Every Day?”. Dr. Marty Becker goes on to say dog owners ask him this question all the time. He’s not the only pet care professional who has heard this question. Life gets busy, you get caught up with work or taking the kids to soccer practice. That’s why Going Mutts offers dog walking services, so your dog gets the exercise it needs without interrupting your schedule.

Pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, happy lives. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are obese. Many pets will acquire specific health problems in their lifetime that could easily be prevented or diminished with proper exercise. One of the absolute best ways to keep your pet healthy is to provide 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Walking not only provides exercise for dogs, it is also excellent for canine socialization and presents opportunities for training. Walking stimulates their senses and helps prevent bad behaviors at home, such as chewing and digging. Your dog gets to see, smell, feel, and hear all types of new and interesting things when out for a walk. Simply put, a tired dog is a good dog.

Pet sitting is the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner works long hours, travels for business, or goes on vacation. Caring for pets in the clients’ home is what separates pet sitters from boarders or doggy daycare. Many times, a client may have a new puppy, ill, or senior pet who needs to go out every couple of hours to avoid soiling the home or receive medication in a timely manner. Going Mutts offers a variety of in-home care services for your pets, including puppy, senior, and farm visits.


Some pets, due to circumstances outside our control (i.e. pets with special health issues or severe separation anxiety) have a hard time leaving the home. Pets who are able to stay home while their owner is away experience less stress at home in their familiar environment. Diet and exercise routines are not interrupted and their exposure to potential illness is minimized.


A typical pet sitting visit consists of:

  • Feeding pets and changing their water bowls
  • Cleaning litter boxes and cleaning up any other pet messes
  • Administering medications, if needed
  • Providing companionship, exercise, and playtime

I think we all can agree, there’s no place like home!

Our custom pet taxi service provides safe transportation to and from vet appointments, groomers, doggy day care, trainers, and more.



We offer a reliable service to help you with your busy lives! Going Mutts will pick up your pet at a designated time & place and will transport them to important appointments. We can accompany your pet during the appointment or can simply transport them to and from. Day and time restrictions apply.

Our Event Pet Escorts provide complete dog handling and assistance throughout your event, including on-leash exercising, hydrating, and pottying.


We offer a variety of pricing options to fit any budget or event, including proposals, photos, rehearsals, weddings, vow renewals, receptions, and bridal brunches. To personalize your event, we include a complimentary consultation where we get to know you and your dog. We will also discuss the best way to feature your dog at your event. If you desire, we can escort your dog down the aisle and work with your photographer to capture the perfect wedding photos with the entire family.


For the couple that wants an exclusive experience, we can create a customized package to allow you to have us at multiple events and combine our other services such as pet sitting and overnight stays when the reception ends and the honeymoon begins.

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