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why hire a professional pet sitter?

I know the price tags on some of the services offered by Wag! And Rover are appealing. I don’t want to cast aspersions on the services; I myself got my start on Dogvacay (now Rover). It’s not that good pet sitters can’t be found on Wag! And Rover. The truth is, though, you get what you pay for. There are costs to running a pet care business the right way, and “Uber for pet services” companies cut these costs by hiring independent contractors rather than employees – they avoid paying unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, and taxes. It’s unfair to the independent contractors, and leads to disgruntled, flaky people.

A company that hires independent contractors has no legal responsibility to provide training to individual contractors. This model can work decently if contractors are vetted deeply and carefully. However, I know from experience that Wag! And Rover do not vet or monitor people extensively. It’s easy as pie to sign up, with profile approval in minutes. There are no requirements for first aid and CPR certifications or insurance. There is no accountability.

Unfortunately, the chance to make a quick buck attracts some unscrupulous people. There are pages of search results on “Rover Horror Stories” and “Wag! Horror Stories”. News articles of animal neglect, theft, and criminal situations plague the online services. When confronted, Wag! And Rover take no accountability for the actions of people using their web services. Many unfortunate people have learned, too late, that the insurance these companies offer actually covers very little, and that the terms and conditions they signed protect the company from having to do very much at all. These companies protect themselves behind teams of lawyers who have built tidy legal walls around the businesses, often leaving pet owners heart broken and hurt with no option for recourse.

Loving animals is not enough. We have a personal stake in Going Mutts, and a reputation to uphold in our local community. We believe in getting to know our clients, and we genuinely want them and their pets to be happy. We take pride in our ability to take care of our clients and their pets. We believe in accountability, certification, insurance, bonding, and ongoing animal education. We want our clients and sitters to be protected when the unexpected happens.

Our team is trained to provide the same level of service, no matter who is caring for your pets. We work from a standard set of procedures. You can believe in consistency in care. We hold each other accountable, and you have direct access to the owner of the company. If there is a problem, you have someone to call that holds themselves and employees accountable for actions. We take pet care very seriously. We recognize that your pets are your family and deserve the best care providers. When you hire Going Mutts, you can feel confident that your home is protected and your pets are well cared for.

We are:

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter are:

  • Your pet follows its usual diet, medication schedule, and daily routines.
  • Your pet remains in its familiar, safe environment thereby lowering stress.
  • Your pet is not exposed to the illnesses and stress of other animals.
  • Your pet receives personalized, individual attention by a dedicated professional.
  • Feeding, refilling fresh water, and providing lots of love and attention for your pets. A walk outside or playtime / pottytime in the yard for dogs. Playtime inside for cats, ferrets, etc. (as tolerated). Washing pets’ dishes, giving treats, clean-up of indoor pet messes (including litter boxes), and administering medications.